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company news about How should we buy bread refrigerators

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Company News
How should we buy bread refrigerators
Latest company news about How should we buy bread refrigerators

As the frozen goods are allowed to blow the ground, because the wind blowing over the surface of the goods will cause the loss of the goods in the water, resulting in the deterioration of the quality of the goods. This year, the frozen food developed by me is allowed to be sold. It is a fact that there must be packaging sales. We must ensure that the goods have good ventilation ventilation (install ventilation slots in the car), etc. Changhui is an integrated refrigerated vehicle business. Today, I'd like to tell you how to choose a bread refrigerated vehicle:

In the face of all kinds of refrigerated cars, we should learn how to choose refrigerated cars, of course, bread refrigerated cars are the same. Which is the best refrigerated car in Chongqing? Choose Changhui. Professional sales of refrigerated car business. Refrigerated car after-sales service, maintenance other integration. Here's how to choose a bread refrigerator:

1. Car chassis

For cargo tonnage road conditions, the chassis structure bearing capacity, fuel economy emission standards shall be considered. With the selection of common truck chassis, it is necessary to pay attention to the stability of the chassis. Generally, goods cannot be stored for a long time. Although there are refrigeration equipment, they still need to reach the ground faster. At the same time, the requirement of refrigerated goods to transportation environment is higher. If the road breaks down, the goods will degenerate the loss will be very large. Model refrigerator car manufacturer

2. Car body selection

Different ordinary van, it needs good sealing performance heat preservation effect to ensure the refrigerated goods in a stable temperature environment.

The design of the picture is mainly about the sealing performance insulation performance. Generally, the structure adopts three-layer structure, the inner outer skin adopts composite materials, such as glass plate, color plate, aluminum other materials. The inner plate material shall be transported to different materials different materials shall be adopted. The expensive material shall be stainless steel plate. The middle sandwich is insulating material, polyurethane foam is used. The four sides use high strength plastic FRP polyurethane foam to form a closed panel.

In addition to the materials, the thickness of the cargo tank also determines the quality of the thermal insulation effect. The better the thermal insulation effect of the cargo tank is, the better the thermal insulation effect is. However, the space in the cargo tank will be reduced the cargo load will be reduced. Users need to choose the appropriate thickness according to their actual needs.

1. Before we buy the sales price of bread freezing truck, we should adjust the price of bread freezing truck according to our actual market situation. That is to say, how many bread refrigerated trucks do you want to buy to meet your market demand.

2. As the current automobile emission standard is more strict, we must understand the requirements of the card on the local automobile: it is the national three standards four national standards, because the price difference between the two standards is millions;

3. The retail price of bread refrigerator car should be based on our own economic budget to position the car brand we bought the unit brand of sales price of bread refrigerator car.

4. Do the two front jobs well, we need to compare some queries. Of course, when we query, we must pay attention to the quality price ratio, which is light easy to find, we cannot ignore the quality.

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