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company news about How to use refrigerated car correctly

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Company News
How to use refrigerated car correctly
Latest company news about How to use refrigerated car correctly

Refrigerated cars have been used in a large proportion now, but there will still be some food, medicine, flowers, electronic products, high-end furniture other products damaged in use. Analysis of the reasons, most of them are caused by the incorrect use of refrigerated cars. Today, Changhui refrigerator car supplier introduced how to use the refrigerator car correctly:

1. Correct operation can ensure that the goods can be preserved transported in good condition.

Only by using operating the refrigerated vehicle correctly can the integrity of the goods be ensured. Because refrigerated vehicle is specially designed for temperature sensitive products, the key to refrigerated vehicle is to ensure the temperature. Improper use operation will keep the goods in good condition transport.

2. Preventive maintenance reduces maintenance operating costs to a minimum.

In the process of our normal use, the maintenance of vehicles refrigerators is inseparable. Only when the equipment is maintained maintained on time can the normal use of the equipment be guaranteed the service life of the equipment be extended. Generally, the engine of the refrigeration unit is developed maintained according to the mileage of maintenance, while the refrigeration unit is developed maintained according to the working time of the engine. Generally, the refrigeration unit is maintained for 500-700 hours, the oil filter, fuel filter air filter need to be replaced; pay attention to the tightness of the belt the leakage of the refrigeration system. However, at present, in order to meet the needs of environmental protection, individual brands of refrigeration units (such as the United States cold king) try their best to reduce the damage to the environment the emission of harmful substances, so as to use synthetic semi-finished products, synthetic oil instead of ordinary oil, so as to extend the engine maintenance time, usually according to 2000 hours. So as to reduce the discharge of waste oil. In addition, through scientific experiments, the use of this high-end oil can only reduce the wear of the engine, but also reduce the fuel consumption of the engine. Therefore, scientific maintenance can only ensure the equipment intact, but also reduce the operating cost.

3. Proper packaging is essential to protect the goods.

For refrigerated goods that are ventilated, fresh ventilated containers on the side walls should be ventilated. The box must be compressed. As the frozen goods are allowed to blow the surface, because the wind blows over the surface of the frozen goods, the goods will be lost in the water, resulting in the deterioration of the quality of the goods. This year, the development of bulk frozen food in China is allowed to be sold, it must be the fact of packaging sales. However, fresh products are still breathing in the process of storage transportation due to their own characteristics. If they cannot be well ventilated, the goods will deteriorate be damaged. Therefore, good ventilation air change must be ensured for such goods.

4. Set the temperature controller at the required temperature, precooling the truck for 1.5 hours to remove the heat trapped in the truck; when loading, turn off the refrigeration unit load quickly.

When loading, the car must be cooled warmed up in advance. Because the vehicle is parked in the open air, the temperature of the car is usually the ambient temperature. If the temperature of the goods to be delivered is the ambient temperature, the goods are loaded into the bracket, the ambient temperature will affect the temperature of the goods to be delivered, resulting in changes in the quality of the goods to be delivered. Therefore, the precompression must be precooled to the required temperature. However, the refrigeration unit must be shut down when loading (unloading). Many people don't turn off the refrigeration unit when loading unloading goods. In fact, this is a very wrong operation.

The reason is: when we cool the car, if , open the door, because the evaporator fan of the refrigeration unit is working, the fan is under positive pressure, the negative pressure behind it, so the air the upper part of the car, but the lower part will be quickly inhaled by the hot air outside, causing the temperature in the car to rise rapidly; If the air flow stops the air pressure inside outside the compartment stops after cargo loading unloading, the air transmission speed of the external heat entering the compartment is relatively slow.

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